Undergraduate Arts and Humanities units - Philosophy

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Mind and World
PHIX131 Macquarie SP1 SP3
Happiness, Goodness and Justice
PHIX132 Macquarie SP1 SP2 SP4
Critical Thinking
PHIX137 Macquarie SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4
Critical and Creative Thinking
PHL131 Murdoch SP2 SP3
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Business and Professional Ethics
PHIX201 Macquarie SP1 SP3
Practical Ethics
PHIX242 Macquarie SP2 SP4
Philosophy of Religion
PHIX246 Macquarie SP2 SP4
Body and Mind
PHIX262 Macquarie SP1 SP3
Metaphors of Mind
PHL209 Murdoch SP3
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Philosophy Capstone
PHIX344 Macquarie SP1 SP3
Theories of Justice
PHIX357 Macquarie SP2 SP4
PHIX358 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2
Philosophy and Cognitive Science
PHIX363 Macquarie SP1 SP3
Film and Philosophy
PHIX365 Macquarie SP2 SP4
Philosophy Capstone
PHIX383 Macquarie Sem1 Sem2