Postgraduate Arts and Humanities units - Sports Coaching

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Sports Coaching Pedagogy
EDN723 Griffith Sess2
Leadership for Sports Coaches
EDN724 Griffith Sess1
Foundations of Human Research Inquiry
HSV701 Griffith Sess1 Sess2
Interdisciplinary Professional Ethics
HSV733 Griffith Sess2
Research Evidence and Practice
NRS721 Griffith Sess2
Sports Medicine for Coaches
PES720 Griffith Sess1
Planning Training Programs for Elite Athletes
PES721 Griffith Sess1
Performance Analysis for Sports Coaches
PES722 Griffith Sess2
Management Skills for Sports Coaches
PES727 Griffith Sess1
Sports Nutrition for Coaches
PES728 Griffith Sess2
Sports Psychology for Coaches
PES729 Griffith Sess2
Communication and Interpersonal Skills
PES732 Griffith Sess1