Postgraduate Arts and Humanities units - Human Rights

Unit name Code Provider Availability
Human Rights Theory and Philosophy
CHRE501 CUR Sess1
Human Rights History Across Cultures and Religions
CHRE502 CUR Sess2
Community Education and Consciousness Raising
CHRE503 CUR Sess1
Human Rights Instruments and Institutions
CHRE506 CUR Sess2
Human Rights and Development
CHRE507 CUR Sess1
Refugee Rights
CHRE509 CUR Sess1
Indigenous Rights
CHRE510 CUR Sess2
Human Rights Activism, Advocacy and Change
CHRE512 CUR Sess2
Human Rights Project Preparation
CHRE601 CUR Sess1 Sess2
Human Rights Project
CHRE691 CUR Sess1 Sess2