Graduate Certificate of Ancient History - 2017

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Course summary

Course summary - 2017

Level: Postgraduate
Qualification: Graduate Certificate
Number of units: 4 units to complete

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The Graduate Certificate in Ancient History from Macquarie University offers a comprehensive introduction to the history of the ancient Mediterranean region. You will learn about the art, architecture, religion and literature of the ancient civilization and develop an understanding of the cultural history through both visual and literary evidence. If you are an education professional seeking to advance your credentials or a student interested in historical study, this postgraduate course is an ideal course to undertake. Foundational units are offered for students who enter the program without a relevant major in their degree. Students may advance from the Graduate Certificate into the Graduate Diploma or Master of Arts degrees offered at Macquarie University.

In 2016 the Macquarie unit codes have changed. All units previously studied under the old unit code will be recognized as equivalent.

By the end of this program it is anticipated you should be able to:

  1. demonstrate a specialised body of knowledge in Ancient History that includes the understanding of recent developments in one or more of the following disciplines: Ancient Greece, Rome, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Israel, Early Christianity, Coptic Studies, Ancient Languages.
  2. understand, respect and display professional (academic), ethical and sustainability principles and values
  3. conceptualize, apply, analyze, synthesize, and/or evaluate theoretical, methodological, historical and linguistic information about ancient Egypt and/or the Near East and/or Greece and/or Rome and/or Late Antiquity and scholarship on these cultures gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication.
  4. integrate knowledge, imagination (looking at ideas and concepts from meaningful original perspectives), and evaluation (employing critical thinking) as a foundation for creative learning behaviour.
  5. utilize clear, coherent, evidence-based communication in the exposition of knowledge and ideas about Ancient History studies
  6. apply knowledge of research principles and methods relevant to Ancient World studies in at least one of the fields of archaeology; art and architecture; epigraphy; historiography, language and literature; material culture; numismatics;
  7. Utilize effectively appropriate research methods and tools, balancing creativity and initiative with knowledge of the subject and scholarship
  8. demonstrate professionalism in the application of knowledge and skills.

The Graduate Certificate Of Ancient History will provide further career development for established professionals; in particular, teachers of Ancient History at high school level who wish to expand their knowledge base.

The course will prepare students for subsequent entrance into a Graduate Diploma of Arts with a Specialisation in Ancient History or MA in Ancient History, Egyptology, or Coptic Studies at Macquarie University. These future awards will in turn provide an ideal qualification for relevant professions such as research assistant/associate, gallery, archival or museum curator, writer/editor, librarian/information specialist, tertiary or secondary teacher, travel and tour guide operator or for administrative careers in the public or private sector.

Applicants must hold an Australian level 7 Bachelor's degree from a recognised tertiary institution. International students require IELTS of 6.5 overall with minimum 6.0 in each band, or equivalent.

To qualify for the award of Graduate Certificate of Ancient History students must complete four units.

A student who is taking an unduly long time to complete a program of study may be excluded from further enrolment. An unduly long period of time is considered to be effective enrolment longer than 4 years for Graduate Certificates.

Students who did not commence their program in the current year are required to follow the program structure provided to them at the time of admission.

On completion of admission you are bound by the University Terms and Conditions and must comply with present and future By-laws, Rules, Codes, and Policies, Procedures and Schedulesof Macquarie University.

Complete 4 units from the following 5 units Required Elective Optional
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Ancient Egyptian Religion
AHIX801 MAQ - Sem2 -
The Athenian Empire 510-404 BC
AHIX820 MAQ Sem1 - -
Egypt: Alexander to Augustus
AHIX821 MAQ - Sem2 -
History Writing in Antiquity: Herodotus and Thucydides
AHIX823 MAQ Coming in 2018
The Art and Archaeology of Coptic Monasticism
AHIX855 MAQ - Sem2 -

Macquarie University recognises formal, informal and non-formal learning to support an individual's lifelong learning goals. An application for RPL will need the following support:

Evidence for formal learning

1. Official Academic transcript including all grades, on an institution letterhead. If your supporting documents are in a language other than English, this must be accompanied by a certified English translation.

2. Unit/Subject outlines 

You need to supply a copy of the unit outline to support your request for exemption of units at Macquarie University.

Evidence for informal and non-formal learning

Suitable portfolio items e.g. Certificates from accredited courses, results from other non-credited courses, certificates and statements from employer courses or professional bodies, employment history and position descriptions, employers verifying your knowledge, skill and experience, details of community activities involving significant responsibilities, on-the-job assessment record, performance management reports etc.

To apply please refer to section F on the course application form or contact us at for more information.

To request for a prerequisite waiver, please refer to Macquarie's website at

2018-macquarie-postgraduate-application-form (PDF, 748 KB)

Please scan and email your application with required documents to

This course is restricted. Students are required to apply and be approved by Macquarie University before they can enrol in units through OUA.

Applications are due the Friday two weeks prior to the close of enrolment date for the study term you are applying for.

You can pay fees in one of two main ways:

Eligible OUA students can access the government loan scheme known as FEE-HELP. You pay back the loan through your taxes once your income reaches a minimum threshold.

Who can access it?

  • Australian citizens who will undertake, in Australia, at least one unit of study contributing to their course
  • Permanent humanitarian visa holders who will be resident in Australia for the duration of their unit
  • Permanent visa holders who are undertaking bridging study for overseas-trained professionals, and will be resident in Australia for the duration of their study

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You can pay your fees upfront - in full at the beginning of a unit - using:
  • Credit card (Visa and MasterCard)
  • Cheque
  • Money order

You should make cheques and money orders payable to 'Open Universities Australia' and send them to:
Open Universities Australia
GPO Box 5387
Melbourne 3001

Students who did not commence their program in the current year are required to follow the program structure provided to them at the time of admission.

In 2016 the Macquarie unit codes have changed. All units previously studied under the old unit code will be recognized as equivalent.

Please contact Macquarie University for further assistance at

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