Graduate Certificate in World Historical Studies - 2017

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Course summary

Course summary - 2017

Level: Postgraduate
Qualification: Graduate Certificate
Number of units: 4 units to complete

This course has been withdrawn and is no longer available for new applicants. Students who are already working towards this degree can continue to enrol in units.

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Please note: The Graduate Certificate in World Historical Studies is no longer on offer for new students. Existing students have until the end of Study Session 3 2019 to complete the award requirements.

The Graduate Certificate in World Historical Studies provides students with a grounding in the latest research and new approaches in world history from the sixteenth century to the present day.

The focus is world history and how world history might be studied through a number of specific case studies. The case studies examine various forms of contact between Europe and the 'new worlds' since the early modern period (approx 1500s) through to the twentieth century. A common thread that runs through the case studies is the place of Australia in these forms of contact. These new 'cross-cultural' approaches to world history replace older forms of world history that focused on comparing the great civilisations of East and West.

Graduates will have an understanding of the current issues and approaches in world history and competence in the task of historical and cross-cultural interpretation. This course is of value to teachers wanting to upgrade or extend their knowledge and skills.


An undergraduate degree or equivalent from a recognised tertiary institution.

Work Experience

Applicants who do not hold an undergraduate degree but who can demonstrate evidence of advanced reading ability and an existing knowledge base in relevant areas of history and literature will be considered.

To qualify for the award of Graduate Certificate in World Historical Studies students must complete four units.

The maximum period for completing this program is 2 years.

Total number of units to complete: 4 units Required Elective Optional
Unit name Code Provider Availability
Cross-Cultural World History
HUM761 GRF Sess 1 - -
Landscape, Ecology & Empire
HUM762 GRF Sess 1 - -
Europe in the World
HUM763 GRF - Sess 2 -
Progressive Traditions: Aust & World
HUM764 GRF - - Sess 3

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