Insights are shaping how OUA can help universities. Here’s why…


Offering fresh insights into OUA’s higher education marketplace, our Market Opportunities Overview  has highlighted what students want in 2021, and how OUA can help universities to satisfy these needs.

Some key themes we’ll be carrying through with us into 2021, include:

  • The student appetite in 2021: What’s making students excited about online study?
  • How microcredentials might be more than just a short course in 2021
  • How doing business with OUA helps reduce the cost of attracting new students
  • Why driving business results through product innovation can help universities

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Section 1. Driving business results

  • Article 1. OUA Marketplace: offering new opportunities for growth in 2021.
  • Case study 1. How partnering with OUA helps overall enrolment growth.

Section 2. Reducing the costs of attracting new students

  • Article 2. Supporting your equity targets through student diversity: regional, rural and remote students.
  • Case study 2. Successfully leveraging OUA national marketing reach to suit different university needs.

Section 3. Supporting the development of microcredentials

  • Special report. Microcredentials: exploring the student perspective.
  • Case study 3. Reaching a new student cohort with Rapid Development Funding.

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