Ships officer engineer

A Ships Master makes sure that a ships operation is running smoothly. This job consists of tasks like loading cargo, making repairs, navigating and transmitting information. Ship Officers serve as authority figures on seafaring vessels. They must communicate with the captain and supervise various crewmembers. Ship Engineers install and maintain necessary equipment and operate the engine.

Duties and tasks

  • Abiding by safety regulations to protect the sea
  • Ensuring that both people are cargo are loaded properly onto a ship
  • Handling the maintenance and operation of a ship
  • Navigating a ship according to travel plans
  • Organising and supervising the deck crew to clean, paint and make repairs
  • Surveying ships to ensure that all standards are kept
  • Taking care of maintaining ship equipment

Skills required

  • Ability to consider various outcomes and look to select the most appropriate actions
  • Ensuring that machines function properly by viewing various indicators
  • Properly handling machinery and systems
  • Reacting to others actions and changing actions accordingly
  • Time management and organisational skills

Working conditions

Ships Masters, Officers and Engineers can all expect to spend many hours at sea. They will work on nights, weekends and holidays. The environment can also include storms and rough waters. These individuals should be comfortable with motion and small spaces.

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