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Date published: 5 February 2013

5 February 2013

Leveraging changing attitudes towards the legitimacy of online education in 2012, Open Universities Australia (OUA) is embarking on a different journey from its competitors in 2013.

Last year the higher education industry came to terms with the mass, global appeal of online education through the introduction of MOOCs. Right now, institutions are focusing their energy on the impact to their business if they too were to offer open, online education.

"At OUA we see a different opportunity," says Paul Wappett, CEO of Open Universities Australia.

"These new players have simply confirmed what we've always known - that the online environment has a rightful place in higher education and that there's great appetite for it.

"But unlike others who are prioritising the provision of open access and achieving massive enrolments, OUA has set its sights on supporting as many people as possible to successfully complete tertiary education," says Mr Wappett.

"OUA will concentrate on three key areas. The first is to make sure students are having a positive experience online, not just in terms of the academic quality of the course but also making sure we're engaging students in the right way. All of which promote optimum student success.

"To achieve this we're going to continue taking an entirely different delivery approach from what's done on-campus.

"The main change we'll make is the modularisation of material into shorter repeatable sections with the aim to improve student comprehension. High production quality of courses will also go hand in hand with this, so what the student sees is compelling and engaging.

"Finally, we'll also use the best technologies to personalise the student experience around individual circumstances and the diverse experiences each student brings to the table," says Mr Wappett.

OUA is convinced that online education, whether paid or free, needs to be delivered in this fashion.

"We have absolute faith that the number of people who will complete education, delivered in this way, will be substantially greater and as a result, the economic benefits will flow for all," says Mr Wappett.

As Australia's leader in online tertiary education, OUA has boosted its offering to more than 180 courses and 1700 units. Its partners include over 20 leading universities and TAFEs and the organisation has enrolled over 250,000 students since 1993.

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Owned by seven of Australia's premier universities, OUA is the national leader in quality online tertiary education. Enrolling more than 250,000 students since 1993, OUA provides access to over 1700 units and 180 qualifications taught by more than 20 leading Australian universities and TAFEs.

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