Student news

Date published: 6 September 2010

Open Universities Australia launched our new web design on Saturday, 4 September. The design of the site first phase features enhanced search options, improved performance, easier access to important information and navigation that is more intuitive.

The new site was developed based on feedback since the last re-skin in 2008 and the redesign that was launched in 2006/7.

As an organisation, we are really excited about this next phase in our website development. We have put a bright new face on our interface and streamlined the site to make it faster, easier, more intuitive - and a whole lot nicer to look at.

Inspired and guided by suggestions from our net-savvy staff and feedback from our students, we've redesigned it ground up and loaded it with new features. Great graphics let you choose a look that pleases your eyes, and a simplified interface makes navigation a breeze.

"Relaunching a site of this size is a massive undertaking that usually takes years of planning and collaboration," said Michelle Beveridge, OUA's General Manager of Operations. "We've worked on this project at breakneck pace for the past nine months, and we believe that students and other visitors to the OUA's main site will have an extremely satisfying experience. As we continue to update the site, we encourage user feedback from all students and other visitors."

User feedback was incorporated to create several enhancements on the home page, such as adding a Student Admin & Support Shortcuts box (formerly called Quick Links) on the right side to increase its visibility, creating a Browse Courses section and highlighting the news category, Latest News from OUA. A Course/Unit search bar has been added at the top to underline OUA's increased emphasis on information accessibility.

Other services that have been rolled out as part of the project first phase include a 'Book exam' page so students no longer need to sign in twice to organise their exams and quicker page loading times as a result of increased system performance.