Student news

Date published: 1 November 2013

OUA is delighted to introduce new course offerings for 2014 in the key areas of arts, business, education, health, science and engineering.

With more than 1700 units and 180 qualifications from a range of leading universities across Australia, OUA continues to be the national leader in online higher education, offering the greatest range of study options.

2014 New undergraduate and postgraduate courses

Undergraduate study through OUA

Arts & Humanities

  • Bachelor of Arts (Interior Architecture) (Curtin University)

Postgraduate study through OUA

Arts & Humanities

  • Graduate Certificate in Music Studies (Griffith University)


  • Graduate Certificate in Asia Pacific Business Management (Griffith University)


  • Master of Teaching (Birth to 5 years) (Macquarie University)
  • Graduate Certificate in Geography Teaching (Curtin University)
  • Graduate Certificate in History Teaching (Curtin University)


  • Graduate Certificate of Health Informatics (Griffith University)

Science & Engineering

  • Master of Engineering (Civil and Transport)

2014 Schedule

Complete schedules of all 2014 Undergraduate and Postgraduate unit offerings and the Study Periods/Sessions are available below.

In addition to the 2014 schedule, OUA will continue to offer access to UniSA's Commonwealth-funded Bachelor of Nursing and provide access to the Griffith Commonwealth-funded Master of Social Work.

Study Periods

Close of enrolment
Census Date
Study Period 1 (SP1)
19 February 2014
3 March 2014
24 March 2014
1 June 2014
Study Period 2 (SP2)
21 May 2014
2 June 2014
23 June 2014
31 August 2014
Study Period 3 (SP3)
20 August 2014
1 September 2014
22 September 2014
30 November 2014
Study Period 4 (SP4)
19 November 2014
1 December 2014
22 December 2014
1 March 2015
Supervised exams are usually conducted in the fortnight following the end of the Study Period; however check your study materials for precise details.

Close of enrolment
Census Date
Session 1 (SESS1)
19 February 2014
3 March 2014
27 March 2014
8 June 2014
Session 2 (SESS2)
9 July 2014
21 July 2014
14 August 2014
26 October 2014
Session 3 (SESS3)
5 November 2014
17 November 2014
11 December 2014
22 February 2015
Supervised exams are usually conducted within three weeks following the end of the Session.
Study Year
Close of enrolment
Census Date
19 February 2014
3 March 2014
21 April 2014
31 October 2014
Please note that the only units running in Study Years in 2014 are EDF5807 and EDF5808.


In 2014, Open Universities Australia will continue to build on the range of additional services for our students. As an OUA student you can currently:

  • Get equipped for online learning by enrolling in one of our preparatory units
  • Find the right study path with OUA Pathways
  • Build your learning skills with any of the six free Quick Skills modules available in My study centre
  • Access free online tutoring through Smarthinking, available 24/7
  • Get help from a professionally qualified and experienced counsellor with our free and confidential telephone counselling service
  • Sign up for free career advice sessions through Career Place

2014 Fee Structure

Fee Structure
Type of Unit

Domestic Student Fee
Preparatory units
Continuing Professional Education units
Australian Computer Society
Undergraduate units
Band 1
$849 - $1,649
Band 2
$573 - $2,268
Band 3
$849 - $1,289
Band 1
$755 - $1,511*
Band 2
$538 - $2,153*
Band 3
$1,260 - $1,680*
Postgraduate units
All units
$1,275 - $4,500

* The fees listed here are only indicative costs for new students in 2014. These fees may vary depending on the units you choose and do not include incidental fees (such as lab coats or art supplies) or the cost of your textbooks.

Murdoch University undergraduate unit fees

Murdoch University offers its undergraduate degrees through OUA in a structure that includes both 0.125 EFTSL units and 0.167 EFTSL units. Some unit fees vary from the standard unit fees listed above.

International student fees

International students are required to pay an additional $250 above the standard fees quoted for each unit at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Some units have higher fees to cover cost of materials and practicums. These are shown in the attached schedules, together with postgraduate and other fees which are priced individually.

Enrolments for 2014 will open on Monday 18 November. For more information, contact an OUA Student Advisor by telephone 1300 363 652 or through our Online Enquiry Form.