Student news

Date published: 6 May 2011

Update, 27 November 2012: The My OUA web site section that was mentioned in the following story has been replaced with a new section, My study centre.

OUA has launched several new website features, giving students easier access to their academic records, enrolment statements and payment histories.

In keeping with OUA's commitment to accessible, affordable online education, the new features allow OUA students to easily download and view PDF copies of important documents.

To maintain the security of the information contained in the documentation, they can only be accessed by logging in to My OUA.

Students can now download a PDF copy of their academic record, a document which is often requested by prospective employers and higher education institutions. In addition, students can use the website to request that a copy of their academic record be mailed to a third party, directly by OUA. Previously, students could only access this document by requesting a hard copy, which carried a $10 charge.

Enrolment statements and payment statements can also be downloaded in PDF form. Enrolment statements contain details of all student enrolments and withdrawals, and statements dating back to January 2008 can be downloaded from the website. Payment statements contain information about all payments made by a student, by any method, and each covers a period of one financial year. The statements available for download date back to July 2008. Students who need statements from earlier periods than these can request them using the Online Enquiry Form.

OUA hopes that these new website functions will enable students to gain prompt, cost-effective access to their important documentation, enabling them to pursue any assistance and employment conducive to their studies.