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Open Universities Australia’s marketplace is a risk-free way for universities to complement their on-campus student cohort.

Our marketplace is where students can explore, choose and enrol in higher education (level 5 AQF and above) degrees, diplomas and single units—as well as a range of short courses.

We want to collaborate with universities to help them attract more students, that’s why we offer a non-exclusive agreement. University partners have control over pricing and distribution, and are free to bring as many new programs, majors, minors and units to the OUA marketplace as they wish. The ability for universities to set their own prices and offering gives universities control of their competitive positioning.

Flexible service options

We have a range of flexible service options allowing universities to choose the level of support they need.

Short courses

With the Government’s announcement to financial support for up to 20,000 places from 1 May 2020, Open Universities Australia has made the decision to support all university partners by withholding any associated charges for applicable short courses hosted through OUA between 1 May 2020 and 1 December 2020.

We believe that this is the right thing to do at this time when many Australians who have lost their job can retrain in priority areas. We also think that it is the right thing to do for our university partners who are grappling with unprecedented pressures.

Why partner with OUA?

Universities want more students and through flexible service offerings, national marketing campaigns, and opportunities to help bring new programs online quickly, in a rapidly changing environment, OUA is able to support partners who wish to offer more and greater courses, quickly.

Extend the reach and awareness of your brand across Australia. As the destination for online higher education, OUA is marketed nationally, every day of the year.

The OUA brand is the most recognised brand in online education, leading the Higher Education category. More recognised than some universities outside of a student’s home state, OUA’s national brand strength is reflected in our ability to deliver enrolments from around the country that complement your home-state on-campus enrolments.

Our marketing experts work with your marketing team to ensure your branding is represented in accordance with your guidelines. We bring your programs to life in ways that resonate with prospective students. In-house digital, creative design and video production capabilities complement our team of media channel experts, enabling OUA to respond quickly to competitor activity.

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Access a world class student enrolment services team and attract more students from a wider geographical area who may not otherwise be able to study your programs.

OUA attracts a different kind of student to the typical on-campus student. Complementing a younger cohort who is often seeking an on-campus experience, OUA students are generally older, working full-time and choose to study online because it suits their busy lifestyle.

  • On average, 77% of OUA students study with universities located outside of their home state.
  • OUA attracts a higher proportion than average of Indigenous students with 3% of our current students being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island decent.
  • 8% of OUA students have a disability
  • 13% of students speak a language other than English at home.

Our diversity continues socio-demographically with 24% of OUA students living in regional areas of Australia and complementing the traditional on-campus school leaver market, 57% of the OUA student body is aged over 30 years.

OUA can help minimise the risk of higher attrition through Open Access.

Complementing your on-campus student cohort, Open Access can make tertiary education a viable option for students that would not otherwise study higher education. It can act as a funnel into Commonwealth supported places upon successful completion of minimum entry requirements.

Open Access to single units can also reduce the risk of incompletion, whilst enabling other students to fast-track their progression.

Flexible options

To help realise the benefits we provide and bring programs into the marketplace quickly, OUA offers ready and available solutions for continued growth. Universities can decide whether they want OUA to market their programs via our Lead Referral Services or enjoy the benefits of OUA’s traditional Full-Service offering.

Flexible service offerings

OUA has been offering programs online since 1996. We are experts in the online marketplace for higher education.

We use data from a range of commercial, government and proprietary sources to monitor market performance and drive business and marketing strategy. The collection and analysis of student data at a unit, degree and discipline level enables the benchmarking of student academic progress, and student satisfaction and feedback. Longitudinal studies also give insights into continuous improvement efforts and strategies.

Each university has access to a bespoke online dashboard that provides real time data and insights across a range of variables such as enrolments and other performance indicators of their choosing.

Using Student Satisfaction data, OUA can rank units across a range of categories at the end of each study term. The data is assessed against additional criteria and key performance requirements agreed to with partner universities to finalise selection. The OUA Recognition Scheme acknowledges and highlights staff who demonstrate excellence in the teaching of students studying online.

Higher Education Market Opportunities Overview

Our 2020 Market Opportunities Overview (MOO) takes a different approach. In addition to highlighting opportunities to bring new programs into the OUA marketplace, we offer case studies describing our university partners’ achievements. Along with new research exploring the student perspective of microcredentials, we showcase how we work alongside our university partners, helping them respond to the challenges of today’s rapidly changing education landscape.

Request your free and instant download of the 4th edition of our Higher Education Market Opportunities Overview.

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A community of universities can do things that a single university can’t.

From economies of scale in marketing and student administration, to unique opportunities to benchmark and learn from each other, being part of a unique community has advantages. The opportunity for collaboration offers students an unprecedented level of choice and flexibility in designing their own programs. For universities that are a part of Australia’s premier marketplace for online higher education, offering the country’s largest number of programs, there are financial benefits too.

Universities benefit by being able to cost-effectively and quickly launch new programs by drawing on a large pool of existing units, minors and majors from across OUA’s extensive portfolio.

Quality Assurance Framework

Protecting the reputation of participating university partners by supporting their commitment to quality is paramount. OUA encourages the development and continuous improvement of online offerings via an evidence-based approach, with OUA sharing information and insights to aid decision making and collaborative efforts.

Quality assurance framework

We're committed to working with universities to further expand access to their programs and to reach new student audiences.

Over the last three years OUA has supported its university providers by making available $3 million to develop degree programs across a wide range of disciplines. The success of the uptake, development and return in student numbers to our university providers has been more than $18 million.

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New resources for university growth

The RDF provides access to grants to help universities continue meeting the evolving needs of students by developing new degrees, short courses and microcredentials. Three grants are available to support the different development requirements universities may have.

Open Degree Development Grant

Funding to help universities develop online degrees.


Open Innovation Development Grant

Funding to help universities develop alternate learning options for example; short courses, microcredentials or free listings developed in response to national need (e.g. Higher Education Certificates via HERP).


Open Microcredential Development Grant

Funding and development support from OpenLearning to help universities develop microcredentials which will be marketed as OpenCreds via the OUA marketplace.


Rapid Development Funding in action at Curtin University

Reaching a new student cohort with Rapid Development funding from OUA

In this case study, OUA works with Curtin to reach new student audiences.

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Using the RDF to develop online Education and Business programs.

In this video, Julie Brunner talks about RDF applications, conditions and benefits.

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Current university partners

OUA students can study complete degree programs and single units from many Australian universities. This unrivalled collaboration of universities enables OUA to offer more than 2,050 units in over 430 programs across seven disciplines—arts, business, education, health, IT, law and science & engineering—at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.