Mr Paul Wappett

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Wappett is the Chief Executive Officer of Open Universities Australia (OUA), Australia's leader in online learning.

Paul is a passionate believer in the power of education to transform individuals, families, communities and even economies. Since his appointment in February 2012, Paul has focused on ensuring that OUA provides its students and education providers with consistent access to the best in online learning design, production techniques and data analytics, so that as many people as possible have access to a world class education.

OUA has over 350 staff within Australia, and Paul and his team provide the strategic direction and market leadership required to facilitate the learning and development of over 60,000 students each year, making OUA one of Australia's largest educational institutions.

A lawyer by profession, Paul's previous positions have included legal and commercial roles at CPA Australia, the Western Bulldogs Football Club, Mobil Oil Australia, and law firm Clayton Utz. His qualifications include degrees in commerce and law from the University of NSW and an MBA from Melbourne Business School.

Paul is also the Chairman of Berry Street—the largest child protection agency in Victoria where he has been a board member since 2007.

Paul is a sports tragic, a milkshake addict, an enthusiastic but ordinary guitarist, a grammar, syntax and apostrophe pedant, and - quite sadly, really - he is not quite ready to accept that he will never open the batting for the Australian test cricket team.