Professor Ian OConnor

Nominee Director - Griffith University

Professor Ian O'Connor became the Vice Chancellor and President of Griffith University in January 2005, taking the helm of one of Australia's largest and most innovative tertiary institutions.

Following completion of degrees of Bachelor of Social Work and Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Queensland, he held various academic appointments there including President of the Academic Board before moving to Griffith.

Professor O'Connor is widely published in the field of juvenile justice, child welfare and the future directions of social work and the human services. During his academic career he held visiting fellowships at the United Nations and Asia Far East Institute, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Professor O'Connor is Chair of the Advancing Quality in Higher Education Reference Group. He is a board member of Open Universities Australia; the Australia and New Zealand School of Government and the Foundation for Australian Studies in China and is a Board member of Universities Australia.

Ian O'Connor