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Date published: 16 August 2011

With Study Period 3 approaching, we've heard from several new and returning students eager to work towards their study goals. For those who think they may need a little help adjusting to university-level study, we're pleased to announce that enrolments for PREP01 Enabling Learning Strategies are still open.

PREP01 is the key unit in OUA's preparatory unit range. It covers a range of study techniques and skills, such as academic writing and referencing, and is designed to help people with limited experience in tertiary study adjust to higher education learning styles.

Many successful OUA students have built their confidence by taking a preparatory unit early on in their studies. Enrolments in PREP01 are open until 24 August 2011.

To enrol in PREP01 or learn more about this unit, please visit the PREP01 unit page.

To view the entire range of preparatory units, please click here.