The University of Notre Dame Australia prioritises online access to postgraduate health by joining the OUA marketplace

Since the beginning of the global pandemic, the need to develop future frontline health professionals in mental health, and health promotion and education, has never been more important or acutely needed.

For this reason, Open Universities Australia (OUA) is extremely pleased to welcome its 25th provider to the marketplace – The University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame) – as they introduce nine new health and education courses for 2021, with even more programs and courses becoming available in 2022.

As a national university with campuses in Fremantle, Sydney and Broome, Notre Dame’s arrival onto the OUA marketplace facilitates opportunities for wider participation in health and education programs and courses – offering flexible online learning for students and working professionals alike, whether looking to upskill or retrain.

“With a focus on supporting students in their lifelong education journeys and importantly in translating their studies into real-world opportunities, OUA is thrilled with the portfolio and weight of Notre Dame coming on board,” says David Cummings, Head of Partnerships at OUA.

“We are always focused on bringing programs to the marketplace that add value to the lives of individuals and, by introducing a suite of postgraduate programs, we believe students will have even more access to qualifications that serve them well professionally,” says Cummings.

Notre Dame has built a reputation as a tertiary institution that not only delivers excellent academic outcomes, but places great emphasis on the student experience whilst consistently achieving excellent employment and graduate outcomes.

This alliance means that more students are empowered to think critically, develop a collaborative spirit to make ethical decisions and contribute positively to their local and global communities.

“Notre Dame is pleased to offer access to high-quality online postgraduate learning with an emphasis on flexibility so that students, regardless of their physical location, work requirements or personal commitments, can still enjoy a holistic and transformative educational experience across a range of disciplines,” says Professor Selma Alliex, Pro Vice Chancellor, Student Experience at Notre Dame.

“We are here to support students throughout their individual learning journeys and are proud to empower them to study how they want, when they want.”

Notre Dame has already seen an intake of OUA students into their Semester 2, 2021 courses and will soon offer students access to multiple new programs across a diverse range of disciplines, as they bring more choice to the marketplace in 2022.

For a full list of Notre Dame courses and to enrol, visit: The University of Notre Dame Australia | Open Universities Australia.