Open Universities Australia welcomes its twenty-first provider to the marketplace–bypassing its goal of 20 in 2020!

Continuously striving to deliver value to Australian Universities, Open Universities Australia (OUA) is excited to welcome its twenty-first provider to the marketplace with the signing of Torrens University Australia.

Representing the twenty-first of 43 Australian universities accessible through the OUA marketplace, as well as access to the second privately owned Australian university alongside Bond University, Torrens University Australia will give students greater choice when it comes to undertaking tertiary education and continue to situate OUA as a platform that caters to much of Australia’s higher education online needs.

David Cummings, Head of Partnerships at Open Universities Australia, says: “OUA’s growth strategy has always been focussed on how it can bring products to the marketplace that deliver the most impact and value for university partners and students.”

“Like those across the Higher Education sector, we know that choice empowers people when it comes to education. Therefore, we are focussed on ensuring we can give as much choice to students who wish to study online, through the calibre and breadth of university providers on offer via our marketplace.”

Established in 2013 as Australia’s first new university in 20 years, Torrens is a private institution based in South Australia which is already recognised with great esteem, as part of the Laureate International Universities—a leading global network of 70 accredited universities and higher education institutions with over 1 million students worldwide. 

OUA’s newest addition to the marketplace will be delivered through Torrens' partnership with Ducere Global Business School, which sees four business degrees brought to the platform.

“Torrens University Australia, through its relationship with Ducere Business School, is set to provide yet another opportunity for students to access world leading, tertiary education through our marketplace,” says Cummings.

“We are really pleased to be able to offer students across the country access to courses that are designed around achieving practical outcomes, which historically have developed students into high performing professional careers.”

The addition of Torrens University Australia to the OUA marketplace means that students across Australia, irrespective of age, location or background, have access to over 21 university providers, 420 degrees and more than 2,100 courses.

For more about Ducere Global Business School, visit: