Open Universities Australia signs up The University of Adelaide to deliver new format executive learning short courses

Launching mid-May, the OUA platform will feature an initial 11 short courses from The University of Adelaide.

Continuously adopting new formats to support students in their learning opportunities, Open Universities Australia (OUA) is announcing it has signed up University of Adelaide (UA) to bring a new suite of executive learning short courses to the platform from May.

Launching mid-May, the initial 11 short courses enable students to undertake The University of Adelaide’s half to two-day units, and study some of the principles and disciplines taught as part of the University’s executive programs – such as a Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

According to David Cummings, Head of Partnerships at Open Universities Australia, this is an exciting development for OUA, particularly at a time when people are wanting to upskill and maximise their down time.

“This latest partnership demonstrates a continued focus for OUA in ensuring the platform is fit-for-purpose for students’ needs and none more so than in these challenging, and rapidly evolving times.

Our mission has always been to ensure we are constantly meeting the needs of our university partners, and in turn our students, so not only are these courses bringing students a great opportunity to study through a Go8 university, but get a taste of executive level training.”

Launching the short courses with 11 initial subjects, students can enrol in executive learning around communication skills, leadership development, business management and more.

According to Cummings, this new format from The University of Adelaide is giving online study a new edge—particularly offering courses with such professional esteem.

“We are always focused on how we can evolve our offering to meet the needs of the market, whilst retaining the academic integrity of the platform. We believe the opportunity to study as part of a leading University’s executive program is a real novelty, and extremely beneficial for individuals.”

Not to be confused with the short courses announced as part of the government’s Higher Education Relief Package, students wishing to complete one of the 11 executive learning short courses can do so within two days, as opposed to a matter of weeks or month months.

Cummings adds, “Our aim is and always will be to provide students with access to online education, and to support universities with their desire to deliver content in interesting ways. It’s for these reasons that we’re really excited to partner with The University of Adelaide to experiment with this new course format and see how students embrace this style of learning over the coming year.”

With enrolments opening for the courses through OUA next week, the courses range between half day to two days and will be credit baring for any future studies of the individual.

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