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Date published: 1 August 2011

Open Universities Australia (OUA) is pleased to announce the introduction of co-requisites , a new type of prerequisite that will enable students to plan their studies more effectively.

Prerequisite units are completed prior to moving on to a subsequent unit. They are used to help students structure their studies correctly and ensure they build knowledge in a sequential manner.

Certain OUA units employ particular types of prerequisites, such as recommended or mandatory. We are now introducing a new type of prerequisite: co-requisites.

Differences from mandatory prerequisites

A co-requisite unit is one that is required to be completed in order to move on to a subsequent unit. In this way, it is a lot like the mandatory prerequisite units that feature in a lot of OUA courses.

However, co-requisites differ from mandatory prerequisites in that they allow students to enrol in a future unit prior to receiving their grades for the prerequisite subject. This means that students will be able to enrol in a co-requisite and its subsequent unit in back-to-back Study Periods (e.g. SP3 and SP4), which is currently not possible with mandatory prerequisites.

Co-requisites and OUA students

Several of OUA's providers will be adopting co-requisites instead of mandatory prerequisites. This means that students will be able to enrol in a unit and its co-requisite in subsequent Study Periods, instead of having to study the prerequisite, wait for their results, and only then enrol in the next unit down the track.

The introduction of co-requisites means that students will be able to assess their own progress throughout their study, and evaluate whether they feel that they are confident of their ability to complete the prerequisite and subsequent units successfully.

Students wishing to see whether the prerequisite conditions for their upcoming units have changed can do so by clicking the "Prerequisites" link of their relevant unit page. Any queries about co-requisites or study planning can be directed to the Student Advisors, either by calling 1300 363 652 or using the Online Enquiry Form.