Commonwealth supported places

A Commonwealth supported place (CSP) is a place in a course of study at a university where the Australian government covers part of the cost of your undergraduate studies.*

This makes getting an online education from a leading Australian university more affordable: degree registration fees are waived for CSP students, and eligible students can also receive further financial assistance through HECS-HELP.

*Funding levels may vary depending on your units.

Application closing date

Find out when applications for a CSP place in the next Study Period close at our Key dates page.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for Commonwealth support, you must be:

  • An Australian citizen residing in Australia for all or part of your studies; OR
  • A New Zealand citizen who will be residing in Australia for the duration of your study; OR
  • The holder of a permanent visa who will be residing in Australia for the duration of your study; AND
  • Able to meet the university course admission criteria. Find out more by clicking on the courses below

To learn more about CSP eligibility requirements, as well as the process for applying for HECS-HELP, read the official information booklet on the Study Assist website.

What can I study?

The following Commonwealth supported place courses are currently offered through OUA. Simply click on any of the courses below to learn more about the course including any eligibility requirements:

Curtin University

Griffith University

Macquarie University

Murdoch University

Swinburne University of Technology

University of South Australia

*These courses are all part of OUA Pathways. OUA Pathways recommends the best units to start your studies, even if you're not sure which course you want to do. Each pathway includes four units based on your area of interest, plus the option to study preparatory units for free (PREP03 and PREP04 only).

Once you complete your recommended path you'll be able to choose from a range of courses in your area of interest. Plus, each of the units you complete through OUA Pathways can also be credited towards your chosen course.

**This course is part of OUA Pathways. Upon completion of the Humanities Pathway, Macquarie University still need to approve the application to meet the required academic eligibility.

^This course is part of OUA Pathways. Upon completion of the relevant pathway, students are still required to meet the GPA requirement of the course for CSP academic eligibility.

Learn more about OUA Pathways.

How do I get started?

  1. To check if CSP is available for your course, check the Overview tab on the course details page.
  2. Read the eligibility criteria for admission, including the Commonwealth information booklet, Information for Commonwealth supported students and HECS HELP.
  3. Apply for the course by going to the Application process tab on the course details page, and apply online.
  4. If your application is approved, you'll be emailed a Letter of Offer, which you can accept from My study centre. If your application is unsuccessful, please contact a Student Advisor on 1300 322 870 to discuss your study options.
  5. Once you have accepted your offer, you will be emailed a Letter of Admittance, including your provider university Student ID which you will need to complete your Request for Commonwealth support and HECS-HELP form. Please note, this is a different ID number from your existing OUA ID.
  6. Choose your units from the Course units tab on the course details page, and add them to your Study Cart. Then follow the prompts. 
  7. On the unit enrolment payment page, assign HECS-HELP as your payment method. For administrative purposes, you will need to assign HECS-HELP as your payment method even if you are planning to pay your student contribution amount upfront. If you pay part of your student contribution upfront, you may be eligible for a discount on the amount paid (please note this is subject to change. Please refer to Study Assist for more information).
  8. Once you have chosen your units and assigned your payment method, you can then proceed to complete the Request for Commonwealth support and HECS-HELP form before the Close of Enrolment for your chosen Study Period. You will need your Tax File Number (TFN) to complete the form. 
  9. Once you have completed the above steps, you will receive an invoice from your course provider. For some universities, this invoice will be available within the university student portal (login details will be provided – see step 13). This will include instructions on how to pay for your student services and amenities fee (SSAF) if applicable. 
  10. If you've chosen to pay for part of your fees upfront, you will need to complete this payment before the Census Date of your Study Period.
  11. Once the Request for Commonwealth support and HECS-HELP form has been lodged, you will be fully enrolled in your units! 
  12. You will then receive a welcome email from your provider, including login details for your student portal, by the first week of your Study Period. Don't forget to check your course provider student portal for any SSAF payment requirements.